Why Sumatra?

Sumatra, Indonesia: The Land of Demand

Sumatra’s massive gas reserves, low production costs, high gas demand, and high prices received posit it as a veritable cash cow for a company which pairs the requisite expertise with the ideal assets.

Bow Energy is this company.

  • Indonesia Natural Gas Reserves
    • 101 TSCF of proven conventional reserves
    • 42.84 TSCF of conventional potential reserves
    • 574 TSCF of non-conventional Shale reserves
    • 453 TSCF of Coal Bed Methane reserves
  • From 2011 to 2016, conventional natural gas reserves have decreased from 153 TSCF to 144 TSCF
  • Indonesian oil reserves are estimated at 8 Billion Barrels
    • Current production is 800,000 bopd, and without discovery of new reserves, oil reserves will deplete within 27 years


  • Sumatra has the second highest per capita gross regional income in Indonesia (45.95 million rupiah/person)
  • Sumatra has the largest gas supply and demand in Indonesia
    • Supply = 172 MMSCFD
    • Demand = 217 MMSCFD
  • High natural gas price at US$10 MMBTU (wt.av > US$8 MMBTU)
  • Demand of natural gas is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years, with the electricity sector the largest consumer
    • 2016: electricity sector – 137 MMSCFD
    • 2025 – 2035: electricity sector – 248 MMSCFD
  • Medan and the surrounding areas are the center of industrial growth in North Sumatra
  • Natural gas need for fertilizer and petrochemical production is estimated to be 62 MMSCFD and expected to increase to 115 MMSCFD from 2017 to 2035 following the operation of factory PIM 2