South Block A

The company owns a 44.48% Working Interest, and is the operator, of the South Block A (SBA) Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in onshore North Sumatra, Indonesia.

SBA is a 421 square kilometer block in the prolific North Sumatra Basin. The Block is divided into the 366 square kilometer Area 1 in the west, and the 55 square kilometer Area 2 in the east. The North Sumatra Basin is of the most productive hydrocarbon provinces in Indonesia, boastingĀ over 80 known oil and gas fields in which a combined 25.6 TCF gas, 900 MMbbls NGLs, and 700 MMbbls oil have been discovered.

Exploration in adjacent PSCs is also encouraging. Medco drilled the Matang-1 gas discovery in the Block A PSC in 2012/13. Well participant Premier Oil reported a flow of 25 Mmscfd with 15% CO2 and recovereable gas resources between 100-400 Bcf.

The Amanah Timur-1 well was drilled in Area 1 in January 2017 and demonstrated a strong potential of oil and gas discoveries. The company expects to drill additional appraisal wells in 2017. Amanah Timur also boasts a gas pipeline running within 100 meters of its location.

Based on Bow Enery’s seismic survey data, the company’s exploration team has internally identified potential for 450 Bcf of recoverable gas reserves (risked) and 20 MMbbls oil/condensate reserves (risked), similar to trends in adjacent blocks. The Amanah Timur oil and gas prospect was chosen for the 2017 commitment well, and has been successfully drilled. Bow now turns to other large prospects for a late-2017 drilling campaign.

Bow further believes that SBA has substantial unconventional shale gas potential and will follow a scheduled timetable to enter into discussions with SKKMigas.

South Block A, its leads, adjacent blocks and their discoveries are shown in the following maps:

South Block A Concessions Map

North Sumatra PSC Areas and Gas Fields